Best things to do on a rainy day – how to stay dry when the weather doesn’t

02/03/22Best things to do on a rainy day – how to stay dry when the weather doesn’t

We’ve all had days like this on holiday: the rain’s pouring down with no sign of respite, and that planned visit to the beach is literally going to have to ‘take a rain check’. There are many alternatives for passing the time on holiday when bad weather hits, and if you’re an outdoor type anyway, you may not be perturbed by a bit of wind and rain. You’ll already have all the weather-proof clothing and kit, and carry on as normal whatever the climate throws at you. But for many, especially if you have young children or elderly members of the party, alternative activities must be found when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Here we’ll look at a few options to enjoy, if the sunshine you ordered for your break fails to show up.

Going undercover

Finding something to do that is sheltered is the key to enjoying a day out when it’s raining. One of the most relaxing ways to spend a day is a visit to a museum. Most town and cities – and even some villages and historical sites that are near tourist accommodation – have a museum or local history hub to explore. The staff will be able to guide you around the site and museums can offer a wealth of information and background on the area’s historical context. There may also be activities on-hand for youngsters to take part in, and there’s usually a café or restaurant too, so you can get a coffee or a bite to eat. The fact that there’s usually so much to do at a museum means that they remain popular destinations rain or shine – they are often free entry too.  

Another option is art galleries, which are another pleasant way to spend a day. You can navigate the galleries at your own pace and while most galleries are free to enter, certain exhibitions may charge an admission fee. There may be a mixture of local artists with established older works, but there will always be something for everyone to enjoy – art is entirely a matter of opinion, but whether classic or contemporary, there will be something of interest. Again, cafés or restaurants are often part of the complex, so you can spend the whole day there if you want to.    

Weatherproof activities

If you fancy some retail therapy, then visiting an outlet shopping centre might be the answer on a rainy day. These complexes offer rainproof entertainment in even the most inclement weather, with covered walkways from store to store, and easy car parking.

It you’d rather spend the day relaxing, then it might be worth booking yourself in for a spa day. They are a wonderful way to spend a day and are entirely indoors. You can enjoy a massage, or wallow in the pool – either of which are preferable to a day in the rain. Many spas and luxury resorts often offer special deals too. After a relaxing day recharging your batteries, you can dine in style at their restaurant.

If you want something involving a bit more activity, you could incorporate a visit to a bowling alley or a dry ski slope – which are entertaining whatever your age and ability – followed by an evening trip to the cinema or theatre.

If you’re unlucky and you get a wet day, visit your local tourist office or check out their website, to see what’s on offer near your accommodation. Or if you’d prefer to stay on site at your lodge, nothing beats listening to the rain falling through the trees, as you relax in one of our warm hot tubs. Book your stay with us direct now.