How to keep kids entertained on long car journeys

02/02/22How to keep kids entertained on long car journeys

No matter if you’re only driving for 30 minutes or several hours, sometimes the prospect of keeping your children happy and un-quarrelsome on a car journey can make even the most relaxed parent tense.

Curb the ‘are we there yet?’ questions with some top travel ideas to keep your children entertained:

Game on

Word games are fun for all the family, and can be a great way to teach children new words, use their memory, or recognise shapes and objects with words they know. The classic ‘I spy’ is a firm multi-generational family favourite, and ‘I packed my bag and in it I put…’ can help them to develop their memory skills. Games such as ‘What I am most looking forward to on our holiday’ can also help to build excitement, even if some of the answers become a bit fantastical.

Make some music

Older children and teenagers will most likely have their own music system and will happily plug themselves in for the duration, but younger ones may need some musical assistance. Pretend you are a radio station and play your children’s song requests (if you have a partner to change the music safely), or let your younger ones DJ with control of the music. Don’t forget to sing along to your favourites (even if you have just had to listen to it for the tenth time in a row!)

Snack time

Stave off ‘hangry’ youngsters with plenty of healthy snacks and drinks to keep them content. Foods such as apples, oranges and raisins are ideal as they won’t cause crumbs, and the core/peel can be disposed of to biodegrade without harming the environment. Just don’t let them throw it out of the window!

Make a pit-stop

Break up a long journey with a stop-off somewhere for a (often much needed) bathroom break and a chance for everyone to get some food, and for kids to stretch their legs and work off a bit of energy. You will all feel refreshed and ready to continue on your journey. It doesn’t need to be a motorway service station, but you could pick an interesting destination or attraction along your route. Afterall, your holiday starts the moment you leave your front door, so make the journey part of the fun rather than a chore.

Catch some zzzs

Help them nod off to sleep with relaxing tunes, or with younger children, time the car journey around their usual nap time. Hopefully, if they are still asleep when you arrive, you can quietly unload the car whilst they continue sleeping in their car seat.

Pass the sick bag…

All the excitement of the upcoming holiday, or just the motion of the car, can make little ones queasy. The various lockdowns in the UK haven’t helped, with many children (and adults) being affected by the lack of travel and feeling more travel sick than before. Sometimes a little mishap can’t be avoided, but never fear, our lodges are fully equipped with washing machines, just incase of any travel sickness incidents on the way.

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