It’s a generational thing: enjoying a multi-generational holiday

09/03/22It’s a generational thing: enjoying a multi-generational holiday

Spending time together as a family has never been more important, and a short break away together can provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Taking a break away with friends or your partner and children is great fun. However, many of us treasure memories of multi-generational holidays, where parents, children and grandchildren go away together. These holidays can be something particularly special. From strolling through woodland and splashing in puddles, to preparing a meal together, or just chilling out round a favourite family board game, there are so many simple ways to just revel in time spent together, including several generations.

More than just economics

On a purely practical note, sharing the costs of a holiday with other family members is clearly very cost-effective. A multi-generational break offers so much more though than simply economies of scale. Older grandparents may be reluctant or even a little nervous to take a holiday on their own. Going away with family may be a way to build back their confidence in leaving home again, as well as providing them with an opportunity to visit a place or area they may never have been to before.

Time to get to know each other

The benefits to children of having grandparents as well as parents on hand during a short break are obvious. For some children, this may be a rare opportunity to spend time with relatives they don’t see very often. Perhaps they live quite a distance apart, or their parents’ working patterns make visiting grandparents quite difficult. For other children, who may spend a lot of time with their grandparents, a short break away can be a time to spend some real quality ‘down time’ together, away from the pressures of school and home interests.

Sharing childcare – and the fun

For parents of young children, the thought of being able to share childcare on holiday with their own parents can be a real joy. It provides the opportunity for mum and dad to spend time together, without feeling any guilt that their children are missing out on attention. When children are older, they may appreciate spending leisure time with adults who are not mum and dad. Even the surliest teenager may show some enthusiasm for family activities if gran or grandad is involved!

Staying away together can be an invaluable opportunity for children of all ages to spend time with their parents. A multi-generational short break can be a chance for mum and dad to re-connect with their own parents. These days, it’s all too easy for work and other commitments to get in the way. A short holiday away together can be an amazing way to enjoy reminiscing about times away together in the past, as well as bonding over shared experiences in the present.

Everyone is welcome

Don’t forget, at Woodland Park Lodges, our pet-friendly policy means your four-legged friends are welcome to join you on your short break too as most of our lodges welcome dogs. While for anyone who may suffer allergies, we have a pet-free lodge available too, so absolutely everyone can enjoy their time away in comfort.

While you are creating a host of precious memories on your multi-generational break, remember to take lots of photos that you will be able to look back on and really treasure in the future too. Book your stay today and start planning your holiday now.