Table for two – the best local romantic restaurants

08/06/22Table for two – the best local romantic restaurants

If you’re looking forward to a well-deserved break away for two in one of our stunning woodland lodges, a key question is always, if not what, where to have dinner?

All our self-catered lodges have a fully equipped kitchen, but sometimes it’s nice to have a treat and be cooked for, and there are plenty of exceptional restaurants offering delicious dining experiences across the local area.

We summarise our top favourites from all different cuisines, to whet your appetite:


Offering all the best in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Meze serves up a delicious menu of all our summer holiday favourites, from tzatziki to souvlaki, all at our local Ellesmere. Especially for couples, the Mezedes offers a selection of dishes for two, served over three courses, available with meat or vegetarian and vegan options. Don’t forget to leave enough room for dessert, or you really will be saying ‘opa’!

Lepone’s Restaurant Italiano

The best Italian in Shropshire, Lepone’s Restaurant Italiano is located in nearby Oswestry. A traditional, family-run restaurant, only the freshest ingredients are used, to provide a real taste of Italy. Why not sip a cocktail or two while you wait for your bruschetta and gnocchi, and of course any Italian meal wouldn’t be complete without a beautifully blended fresh espresso or cappuccino.

Sebastian’s Restaurant

Also in Oswestry is the award-winning Sebastian’s Restaurant. Offering a mix of French and European favourites, every month the menu changes, bringing only the freshest and up-to-date dishes to your table. The restaurant offers a delicious five course menu, starting with an appetiser, followed by a choice of starters, a sorbet, as well as your choice of main courses and desserts. Oo la la!

Thai Gate

Step through the doors of Thai Gate in Ellesmere, and enjoy all the delights of Thai and Asian cuisine. Dishing up the ever-popular Thai red or green curry, pad thai noodles and tom yum soup, why not try some of the chef’s favourite recommended dishes, including the Goong Chu Chee - King prawns served in the restaurant’s Signature Thai Gate Chu Chee Sauce, with coconut milk, mixed peppers, lime leaves, Thai young peppercorn, fresh lesser ginger and basil, for a real taste of Thailand.

Asian Spices

Fire up your tastebuds with the culinary delights of Asian Spices. Whether you prefer a creamy Korma or a spicy Vindaloo, there is something for everyone at Ellesmere’s favourite curry house. On Sundays, enjoy a 4-course banquet, with your choice of any starter, traditional or Balti main, side and naan, and with any accompanying vegetable dish, all for less than £16 per person. With over 25 years’ in the Ellesmere community, it really is the best curry restaurant in town.

To book your couples’ retreat with us and sample these stunning culinary delights of Ellesmere and Oswestry, visit our booking page.