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Our onsite activities

Simple pleasures to help you find joy in nature

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We’re passionate about protecting and preserving nature here at Woodland Park Lodges. Which is why, when you holiday with us, the activities you’ll find on site are simple, sustainable pleasures – such as den building or bird spotting designed to help you all find joy in the natural world.

We’re not like larger holiday parks with all the bells and whistles, such as playgrounds or indoor pools. Instead, come to our corner of Shropshire to embrace the countryside as a family or a group. You can roam in our woods, walk in our wildflower meadow, meet the wildlife and fill up on the great and glorious outdoors.

We promise, it’ll be time well spent.

Woodland Walks

Wander and play amongst woodland

There are two designated woodland walks for you all to enjoy at Woodland Park Lodges: The Redcurrant Walk and the The Firethorn Walk.

The Redcurrant Walk is a 2km walk taking you through a peaceful section of 52-acres of forest. Along the way you’ll pass many native tree species, including oaks and birch.

The Firethorn Walk is a 1.2km walk perfect for a morning stroll with the dog or for spending the afternoon building dens with the kids. Be sure to stop at the lookout seat along the way to listen to the birds.

Woodland Walks Map

Wildlife Spotting

Hang out with the birds and the bees

Our 52-acre woodland is brimming with wildlife and home to many rare flora and fauna. As you walk through the forest – and around the holiday park – don’t be surprised if you meet squirrels or hear badgers rustling in the woods.

It’s worth packing your bird book and your binoculars when you stay. At night, expect to hear tawny owls hooting in the trees; you may even spot a barn owl or a badger.

Wildlife Spotting Sheet

Leaf Peeping

Colourful forest adventures

As the seasons change, so does our vast woodland. In autumn the foliage bursts into oranges and golds – so be sure to pack your camera to capture the beauty of our trees.

Of course, spring and summer bring colours of their own. Explore the forest under the shade of a bright green tree canopy, maybe with a picnic in hand, or pick some bluebells or snowdrops to take back to your woodland lodge or treehouse.

leaf peeping sheet

Hot tub stargazing

The skies overhead at Woodland Park Lodges are stunning on a clear evening. So when night falls, wrap up in a blanket or take to your hot tub for a spot of stargazing.

Not sure which constellation is which? Not a problem. Simple download this stargazing app and you’ll soon be at one with the heavens.


Wildflower bingo

How many types of wildflowers can you spot around our site? Wander through our wildflower meadow and see if you can spot some interesting types. Look out for cow parsley and daisies, kingcups and thrift. In fact, download our Wildflower Bingo card and see if you can tick them all off. There’s a small prize for little bees that get a full house!

Wildflower bingo card

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