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This 3-day itinerary for a bank holiday weekend in Shropshire, starts near Ellesmere and focuses on some hidden gems and lesser-known attractions for you to enjoy in this part of the county.

Day 1: North Shropshire and Villages

Morning: Ellesmere

  • Begin your day with a serene walk around The Mere in Ellesmere. This large, natural lake is perfect for birdwatching and enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Visit the Boathouse for a coffee with a view.

Late Morning: Whittington Castle

  • Head to Whittington Castle, a picturesque and lesser-known castle with beautiful grounds. Take a leisurely stroll around the ruins and enjoy the charming scenery.

Lunch: The Olde Boote Inn, Whittington

  • Have lunch at The Olde Boote Inn, located near Whittington Castle. Enjoy hearty, traditional pub fare in a cozy atmosphere.

Afternoon: Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area

  • Visit the Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area, an industrial heritage site that offers a fascinating glimpse into the area’s past. Explore the lime kilns and walk along the Montgomery Canal.

Evening: Oswestry

  • Spend your evening in Oswestry, exploring a market town with a long history. Check out the local shops and have dinner at a traditional pub.

Day 2: Countryside Walks and Scenic Views

Morning: Stiperstones National Nature Reserve

  • Drive to Stiperstones for a scenic morning hike. The rocky ridge offers stunning views and is less crowded than other hiking spots. Enjoy the unique quartzite tors, including the Devil’s Chair.

Late Morning: Snailbeach Lead Mine

  • Visit Snailbeach Lead Mine, one of the best-preserved lead mining sites in the country. Take a guided tour to learn about the mining history and explore the mine buildings.

Lunch: The Stiperstones Inn, Snailbeach

  • Have lunch at The Stiperstones Inn, a cozy pub offering delicious homemade meals. Relax and soak in the countryside atmosphere.

Afternoon: Ludlow Food Centre 

  • Visit Ludlow Food Centre, a unique destination offering locally sourced and produced food. Explore the farm shop, bakery, and butchery. Sample some local cheeses and other delicacies.

Evening: Bishop’s Castle

  • Spend your evening in Bishop’s Castle, a small market town with a rich history. Explore the local shops and cafes, and have dinner at a local pub like The Three Tuns Inn.

Day 3: Hidden Historical Sites and Natural Beauty

Morning: The Wrekin

  • Hike up The Wrekin, a prominent hill with panoramic views of Shropshire and beyond. It’s a less frequented spot early in the morning, offering a peaceful start to your day.

Late Morning: Ironbridge Gorge

  • While Ironbridge itself is popular, explore the lesser-known areas of the gorge. Walk or cycle along the Severn Valley Railway paths for a different perspective of this historic area.

Lunch: The Green Wood Café, Coalbrookdale

  • Enjoy lunch at The Green Wood Café, a hidden gem in Coalbrookdale. They offer delicious, locally sourced food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Afternoon: Buildwas Abbey

  • Visit Buildwas Abbey, a tranquil ruin set in a secluded spot. It’s a great place for a quiet afternoon stroll and some photography.

Evening: Broseley

  • End your trip in Broseley, a small town near Ironbridge. Explore the Broseley Pipeworks Museum, which offers a unique look into the town’s industrial past. Have dinner at a local pub like The Duke of York for a cozy, local experience.

This itinerary provides a relaxing and unique experience of Shropshire, starting from Ellesmere and exploring its hidden treasures.