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Some of our favourite childhood memories are usually of fun holidays with the family, and none more so than those spent playing or having an adventure. Luckily, there are plenty of family attractions situated near our site at Woodland Park Lodges, to keep children of all ages entertained, including the young at heart.

Crocky Trail

Get down to Crocky Trail, and make it snappy! Located near Chester, the mile long Crocky Trail winds its way through fields and trees, with plenty of obstacles to test intrepid explorers. Bring a spare change of clothes, in case someone takes a tumble into Crocky stream! There is also a wide variety of slides and rides, as well as a mini Wonderland play area for little ones.


Based on the magical series of children’s books by Tom Blofeld, BeWILDerwood is a 70 acre park near to the historic Cholmondeley estate. For those looking to avoid days out with noisy electronic rides, BeWILDerwood offers one giant playground in beautiful, canopied forest. Families of all ages can let their imagination run wild as they explore the treehouses, Wobbly Wires and Slippery Slopes, just watch out for Crocklebogs, Twiggles and Boggles!

Sandy Lane Aqua Park

Have a splash this summer at the outdoor Sandy Lane Aqua Park. Near the banks of the River Dee, the park offers beautiful views of the local area, whilst offering the chance for families to get thoroughly soaked. With a 10 feature spray facility, including sprinklers, jet sprays, tipping buckets and a geyser, all close to a grassed picnic area, this makes it the perfect place to play and picnic on a warm summer’s day.

The Ice Cream Farm

Tickle your tastebuds with an entire play attraction devoted to the nation’s favourite treat – ice cream! The site’s cow mascot, Daisy, has a magical world full of playgrounds based on tasty ice cream flavours at The Ice Cream Farm, including Honeycomb Canyon, the Rocky Road, Strawberry Falls, and more. For car fans, Silvercone is not to be missed, with mini racing go-carts for aspiring Lewis Hamiltons to test their driving skills. Of course, any day here is not complete without sampling some of the over 50 ice cream flavours available at the world’s largest ice cream parlour.


Step through the ‘looking glass’ and follow Alice’s adventures into Wonderland. This Shropshire attraction allows families to explore scenes from their favourite fairy tales, with tea at the Mad Hatter’s tea party and the Queen of Hearts’ maze to navigate, as well as the chance to peek at Snow White’s cottage, dig for gems at the Seven Dwarfs’ diamond mine, and avoid the witch at Hansel and Gretel’s house of sweets.

After tiring the kids out all day, you can recline in your hot tub back at your cosy lodge here at Woodland Park Lodges, and enjoy a glass of well-earned fizz as you soak up a calming evening of rest in nature. Book your summer woodland retreat here.