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As more and more time is spent online – particularly over the last two years – there’s a lot of talk about the benefits of a digital detox. Switching off the mobile devices, the computers and even Alexa. But what are the real benefits of going off-grid and reconnecting with nature?

Increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing

It is a scientifically proven fact that the natural world can directly affect positive changes in the brain and even the entire nervous system. Spending just short amounts of time in nature can significantly improve mental wellbeing and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. It can boost your mood, generate feelings of calm, and help you regain a sense of balance. In fact, according to a 2019 study of nearly 20,000 people, just two hours spent outdoors every week is enough to boost health and wellbeing at any age, and foster cognitive development in children.

A sense of adventure

Whatever the season and whatever the weather, there is always something very exciting and satisfying about discovering new walks, a lake or even a track you didn’t know was there. The natural world has plenty to offer, you just have to take the time to look for it.

Stop, look, listen

There is also the sense of wonder and excitement that you can experience in nature, from a breath-taking view, to spotting a bird or animal in real life and in their natural habitat. Discovering more about the world around you, helps you appreciate how fabulous and important it is. Did you know, there are actually 59 species of butterfly alone that you can see in the UK? 57 of those are permanent residents, while the Painted Lady and the Clouded Yellow butterfly visit us each year.

Make a change

Ecological issues and climate change are in the news a lot, and this has led to some people becoming stressed and anxious about the future. Getting out in nature and connecting with the natural environment can help ease this stress and even activate change and a genuine passion to make a difference.

Woodland Park Lodges is home to an amazing variety of wildlife. In our woodland alone, set within 52-acres, you may be lucky enugh to spot an owl, fox or badger. With plenty of nature reserves and trails all across the region, keen bird watchers and budding young naturalists will be mesmerised by the volume and range of species of flora and fauna just waiting to be discovered.

We offer a large range of cosy lodges that can sleep between four and eight persons, including the dog(s). Find out more about booking our beautiful treehouse lodges for a holiday the whole family will love!